Timothy’s K Cups Coffee Informations

Timothy’s is the leading coffee manufacturer in the United States. One of the most popular product offered by the company is the Timothy’s K cup coffee. The company has been producing the Timothy’s K cup coffee since 1975. The coffee beans it used in making the Timothy’s K cup coffee are from the best coffee plantation in the world. There are only 5% of the coffee harvests that meet our standard. Timothy’s K cup coffee is available in a large variety including kahlua original, emeril vanilla bean bam, emerial big easy bold, german chocolate cake, decaf Colombian, and Irish cream K-cup.

Kahlua original is roasted from 100% Arabica beans. They have excellent quality and a rich flavor. It is harvested from one the top regions in the world. After it is harvested, it is roasted to perfection by a skilled worker.

Emeril vanilla bean bam is a medium coffee. The coffee is named after Emeril Lagasse. Each cup of Emeril coffee meets with a high standard.

Emeril big easy bold K cup is a dark coffee ground. It tastes just like the Emeril vanilla bean bam but it has a bolder flavor. The Emeril big easy bold K cup has a smooth finishes.

German Chocolate Cake K cup tastes just like chocolate cake. It is a top grade coffee that is made from premium coffee beans. It can be used with a single cup/pod coffee maker. It is not bitter and has a smooth taste. It offers a pleasing aroma. If you want the coffee to taste better, you can add French vanilla cream.

Decaf Colombian coffee is a decaffeinated coffee that is made from Colombian coffee beans. It has a smooth texture and taste just like the original coffee. If you are conscious about caffeine intake, you can buy the Decaf Colombian coffee. The Decaf Columbian coffee contains a small percentage of caffeine compare with the standard coffee. Though caffeine does not produce major side effects, avoiding caffeine will help you to maintain a better health.

Irish cream K cup offers a smooth and luxurious taste of Irish cream. It has a good flavor and is suitable for serving to friends and family. It is a specialty grade coffee that uses the best coffee beans. It is a middle roast coffee. The coffee roast is neither mild nor dark.

Informations about Gloria Jeans K Cups Coffee

Gloria Jeans K cups are K cups coffee that is produced by the Gloria Jeans company. Gloria Jeans is famous for producing top notch coffee for consumers around the world. Gloria Jeans flavored coffee uses lighter roast coffee beans. The coffee has a pleasant acidity that will impressed the customers. Some specialty coffee has a floral aroma.

Examples of specialty coffee that offer floral aroma is Gloria Jeans’s Special Blend. Besides flavor, the coffee offers one dimensional and rich taste. Different kinds of Gloria Jeans K cups allow you to experience different kind of taste elements including sweet, nutty and spicy.

Gloria Jeans K cups coffee is available in a large variety of flavor including butter toffee, cappuccino, French Vanilla, GJ Black Gold Extra Bold, GJ Special Blend Coffee, Hazelnut, Hazelnut Decaf, Swiss Chocolate Almond, Flavored Variety, and French Vanilla Supreme coffee.

K Cup Butter toffee coffee offers a smooth and creamy caramel toffee taste. Cappucino coffee has a rich and smooth flavor with hints of cinnamon. French Vanilla Supreme coffee offers a smooth vanilla flavor. The GJ black gold extra bold coffee is very bold coffee with a smoky flavor. The GJ special blend coffee has a balance taste and is made from well rounded beans. The hazelnut coffee has a rich hazelnut flavor. The decaf hazelnut coffee offers coffee with a blend of cinnamon of hazelnut. The Swiss chocolate almond coffee has a subtle nutty swiss mocha taste. K Cup 22 cup flavored variety offers a variety of flavors including butter toffee, Swiss chocolate and mudslide. K Cup vanilla supreme coffee offers a rich vanilla flavor that is subtle to your taste.

Gloria Jeans K cup coffee is sold in boxes. Each box contains 24 K cups coffee. If you buy more boxes of K cup coffee, you may get a discount from the store. Gloria Jeans coffee is available for sale from the online and local store. If you purchase from the online store, you can save money by using promotional coupon code. Many stores such as Amazon offers free shipping so you don’t have to pay for shipping cost.


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